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Vangal is a private equity, holding company. We buy and invest in digital businesses and build them to last.

Ideal Entrepreneur


Our entrepreneurs are highly motivated and focused, with a clear sense of purpose and direction. They are not easily discouraged by obstacles or setbacks. They are passionate about the problem and willing to pursue it with relentless determination.

Ideal Business


Our businesses are focused on markets with existing demand. They have only one revenue model. They focus on a hyper-niche customer need. They begin with a great product and an ongoing customer relationship. They have good operating margins to support growth.

From Hello to Money in a Week

Fast. Honest. Empathetic.

1. Send us an email with your URL and current 3 months P&L statement
2. We will evaluate and either decline or give you an offer in 48 hours
3. We complete due diligence in 72 hours after offer acceptance
4. We sign an LOI or Term sheet (5 pages) digitally
5. You transfer the assets and we transfer the money to your account


We invest in SaaS, Media & Newsletter businesses


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